The Common Applications of Speciality Conductive Coatings


Specialty coatings, often regarded to as “smart coatings” describe a group of coatings that respond to certain mechanical, thermal and optical stimuli. These types of coatings have been widely used today in the paint and coatings industry due to their powerful properties. Coatings can be applied on eyeglasses, TV screens and other electronics to act as a protective layer and improve the effectiveness and function of the product.

It is important to note that the selection of conductive coatings must be done according to their unique application. The process of manufacturing optical coatings must be done properly so that they don’t lose the critical characteristics that make them beneficial when applied on optical surfaces. Working with a reliable manufacturer will always ensure that the coatings are properly applied in order to enhance the performance of a given system. Let’s look at some of the common applications of specialty conductive coatings.

Production of EMI shielding materials

Digital equipment is known to release electromagnetic emissions which can be harmful to human health. There is a legal limit imposed by the government in terms of the level of electromagnetic emissions that can be released by these systems. With the rise of digital equipment that is more sophisticated and delicate, manufacturers need to invest in proper protection in order to minimize electromagnetic emissions that would eventually compromise the equipment’s performance.

Over the years, more cost effective and simple methods of lessening the effect of EMI have come up. One of them is the use of specialty coatings to ensure that digital equipment is safer to use and minimize the negative impact on the environment. Different forms of conductive coatings have been discovered to act as EMI shielding materials. From the use of conductive paints to sealants and gaskets, there are various ways to eliminate EMI and ensure digital equipment is safer to use.

Electrical wiring

Over the years, new technologies have been developed to make electronics more affordable and simple to use. One of the ground-breaking technologies that involves the use of specialty coatings is the replacement of wiring used in printed circuit board circuitry. Today, instead of using wiring in most electronics, conductive inks and paints made of specialty coatings are used to cut back on production costs and ultimately make the device more affordable to consumers. This technology also helps to prevent heat buildup making sure transfer of heat is minimized significantly.

Additionally, specialty coatings can also be used to eliminate the small electrical discharges by dissipating the charges so they don’t create a spark. This is because when a spark comes near a flammable gas or medical equipment, it can cause undesirable or sometimes a deadly outcome. Techniques such as application of specialty coatings on the surface can greatly reduce if not eliminate the potential of sparks in such situations.

Overall, specialty applications can have numerous applications, most of which are unknown. What’s important is that you find a reliable manufacturer who is able to meet the demands of your system and provide coatings that suit your application.