The manufacturing of sophisticated optical coatings is an exact science.  It demands rigid process control, machine reliability, proven coating science and domain knowledge accrued over time to produce predictable and repeatable high precision coating products.  Our greatest resource is our experience.  At Penn Optical Coatings we work closely with you to ensure the optimal result for your application.  Tell us what you need – we’ll make it.


Polarizing Non-Polarizing Filter AR Reflecting
cubes cubes notch crystals beam-combining
laser line broad-band band-pass x – band AR x – band HR
broad-band UV-NRI color match super-T netural
UV-NRI paltes OD 0.3 – OD 0.8 UV-LWIR laser line
brewster laser line LWP – SWP weighted response angle tuned
high fluence dichroic high fluence