Examples of Using Cylinder Optics for Beam Shaping


In the modern world, the field of optics is very critical in many new technologies. Manufacturing, medical treatment, scientific research, and measurement are just a few sectors that depend on optics for day-to-day operations. Through optics, these industries are able to undertake efficient beam shaping which is critical for their various processes.

Hydrophobic coating has become very important when it comes to optics. With this type of coating, you are able to produce specified light for your use, whether it’s for military gadgets, camera lenses, or biomedical lenses. Furthermore, hydrophobic coating ensures that your lenses perform better, with high levels of clarity and endurance.

Examples of hydrophobic coatings in cylinder optics

  1. Standard coatings

 The creation of quality hydrophobic standard coatings requires machine reliability and rigid process control. Without this, you cannot achieve the repeatability and predictability required for the consistent production of quality thin hydrophobic film products.

 Some of the hydrophobic products that fall under the standard coatings category include:

  • Antireflection coating: These are lenses created for large integrated absorption of light. Antireflection coatings ensure that you are able to reduce unwanted reflections from surfaces. Antireflection cylinder lenses have characteristics that include broadband, multi-spectral, high fluency, and laser line capability. Many companies use this type of coating in photographic and spectacle lenses.

  • UV-optical coatings: This is another class of products under the standard coatings category. They reflect UV light to achieve the desired wavelength for use in instruments such as the EIT and Trace telescopes.

  • Laser coatings: They are cylinder laser coatings for low and high power applications.

  1. Custom coatings

 The other major category of hydrophobic coatings of cylinder optics for beam shaping is custom coatings. This group consists of standard coatings with enhancements that ensure greater performance. A company like Penn Optical Coatings will design a custom lens with hydrophobic coating at a very friendly price.

In this category, you can get:

  • Hydrophobic bandpass polarizing lenses

  • Hydrophobic non-polarizing lenses

  • Hydrophobic filter lenses

  • AR lenses that are hydrophobic

  • Hydrophobic reflecting lenses

Penn Optical Coatings makes custom lenses by using various process technologies which include electron beam evaporation, Ion-assisted deposition, Quatz Xtal Thickness Control, High Vacuum Chambers, and resistive heating.

  1. Specialty coatings

 These hydrophobic coatings not only require customization but they also need introduction of novel concepts during the design, process control, or engineering stages to accomplish the desired performance. With specialty hydrophobic coatings you can get lenses of any shape and size. In the specialty coating category, you can get low temperature coatings for stress control or plastics and even optical coatings having electrically conductive properties.

 The main sub-categories under specialty coatings are:

  • Conductive coatings

  • Visible optical coatings

  • ITO & Color coatings

Other optical coatings that are under this category of specialty coatings are large area coatings, micro coatings, and conformal coatings.

The above examples of hydrophobic coatings for cylinder optics clearly show the extent of hydrophobic coating utilization when it comes to beam shaping. As shown, we now have special coating for different uses and you only need to know which one will work best for the job you are doing. For more information on hydrophobic coatings for cylinder optics, contact Penn Optical Coatings.