Facts about Visible Coatings Applied to Lenses


Even though lens coatings may appear colored, they do not contain any color. Visible coatings are made using different levels of thickness and refractive index. The main purpose of coatings on lenses is to reduce the amount of reflections that occur on the lens’ surface. Light basically bounces off the surface of glass as a reflection. Coatings are used to reduce this reflection.

Lenses can have either single coatings or multi coatings. Multiple coatings are usually more efficient and cost slightly higher than single coatings. Multi purposes coatings are usually designed to suppress all kinds of reflections. That’s why they appear black and not as strongly colored as most single coatings.

There are ways to tell whether lenses are made of multiple or single visible coatings. Single coated lenses usually have very bright reflections compared to multi-coated lenses. So the next time you want to compare eyeglass lenses before making a purchase look at the level of brightness of the reflections.

Single coated lenses are much better than uncoated lenses. They are actually able to deal with most of the reflections so you don’t need multi-coating if you can’t afford it. Multi-coating only acts as a refinement that further enhances the effectiveness of the lenses. However, there are certain situations where multi-coating is critical.

For instance, if the lens has a large number of reflective surfaces like seen in angles and zooms, multi-coated lenses will perform much better than single coatings. Remember that multi-coating is applied at different degrees which affect its effectiveness. Lenses with more multi coated layers will be able to optimize different wavelengths of light and offer better performance.

Coatings on lenses should be able to reduce flare and enhance the contrast in the image. Before buying the eyeglass lenses, make sure you find out which type of coatings they are made from. Remember that coatings are applied on lenses using a number of processes which determine their effectiveness. It’s best to choose lenses with coatings made using reliable processes in order to get maximum efficiency.

Antireflective coatings are among the most common types of coating applied on eyeglass lenses. These coatings are usually offered by manufacturers online who specify in designing custom optical coatings for different industries. Antireflective coatings can not only be applied on eyeglass lenses but also on binoculars and spotting scope lenses. They are basically applied in these instruments to make the views more brilliant by allowing a greater amount of light to pass through the lens.

When choosing the right eyeglass lenses, factors that you’ll need to consider include your budget, your eye condition if any and the goals you want to achieve when buying the eyeglasses. If the eyeglasses are for cosmetic purposes only then consider getting tinted lenses which suit your style and personality. You’ll also need to discuss with your optician regarding the type of lenses which are most suitable for your needs especially if you have an eye problem. Make sure the visible coatings which are applied on your eye glasses are of the highest quality.