The Importance of Designing for Optical Assembly

IR optical coatings

Many manufacturers pay the most attention to optical assembly without giving the design process much consideration. If the design is treated as an afterthought, assembly can become a difficult and time-consuming process. Paying a little more attention to the design can be a huge cost-saver. This is because it ensures the optics are perfectly designed before going into production. We’ll look at the most important considerations as you develop optics and why you need to avoid treating the design process as an afterthought.

Design with assembly in mind

It’s very important to seek the opinion of assembly experts when coming up with a design. These are people with a wealth of experience in identifying design elements that are likely to give you trouble during the production process. Some design elements can be extremely difficult to fabricate or assemble making the entire production process costly and time-consuming. You need to understand these concerns ahead of time and rectify them before the assembly begins. At the end of the day, the last thing you want is to spend time designing elements that cannot be built. It will be a waste of resources; so make sure you speak to assembly technicians and involve them ahead of time.

Understand the system’s specifications

When coming up with an optical design, it’s very important to have an opto-mechanical engineer evaluate the design and ensure that it meets the positioning requirements. There are cases whereby the design results in a size that doesn’t fall within the system’s specifications. If this is the case, the engineer may advise you to either make adjustments to the design or change your system’s specifications. When you make these changes earlier on in the design process, you will minimize costs and future disappointments when the optics are in assembly.

Developing an alignment procedure

Alignment is a very important stage in the production process and needs to be done ahead of time. Once you’re done with the design, consult an assembly technician to help you plan for alignment. What the technician will normally do is to suggest ways to incorporate alignment in the design. This is a very important stage in the design process if you want to ease future frustration when trying to transform your prototypes into the final product.

Get help in all development stages

It is very important to consult the right experts at all stages of developing optics. From the moment you begin with the optical design until the final assembly, you need professional guidance to save costs and time plus ensure you get value for your money. At Penn Optical Coatings, we provide you with all the expertise you need to develop the right optics that suit your budget and needs. We can come in handy at different stages and help you enhance your optical designs. Whether you need technicians to provide guidance along the way or a manufacturer to come up with the best final product, we’re here to give you good value for money.