How Penn Optical Coating Photoreactor m1 helps to Reduce Redox Catalysis Reactions from Hours to Minutes


The Penn Optical Coating Photoreactor M1 (or PENNOC Photoreactor M1) is registered to Penn Optical Coatings, LLC under U.S. federal trademark registration serial number 87690998. One of the greatest selling points of the photoreactor is that it reduces redox catalysis reactions from hours to minutes. So, how does this photoreactor help reduce the time taken by redox catalysis reactions?

 1.      Simplification of Optical Coating

 The production of optical coatings is a very complex science, with standard coatings requiring machine reliability and rigid process control. Without a good photoreactor, you will not get the predictability and repeatability you require in thin film products. With this photoreactor, you need not spend a lot of time in manual process control.

 2.      Diversity

 The photoreactor allows you to make different coatings, from (bio) medical optics to off-the-shelf catalog components and even components fit for military use (the company is registered with the U.S. Directorate Defense Trade Controls for the manufacture of DoD components. If you want different components coated with different coats, the photoreactor only needs slight adjustments, saving you a lot of time and giving you unparalleled flexibility. The machine can handle varying degrees of complexity, again reducing the time taken to coat.

 You can use the photoreactor for items with electrically conductive properties, for those requiring low-temperature coatings such as plastics, and for those that require stress control. The photoreactor has a 3.5” TFT LCD touchscreen on its front panel that allows you to adjust such parameters as temperature, time, stir rate, and light intensity.

 The customization that is possible with the photoreactor allows you to fetch more in the market for consumer items and to be unique and hence more competitive for other items.

 3.      No Repeat Jobs

 The fact that precision has been engrained in the photoreactor means you will not lose time re-doing a poor job. The photoreactor products comply with ITAR. The company also uses the highest quality materials and follows the laid-down processes to the latter.

 4.      Mass Production

 The Penn Optical Coating Photoreactor M1 is made for mass production. Hundreds of your components will be produced within a couple of minutes. This reduces production costs tremendously. Most of our clients are in the industrial, military, and biomedical industries, where mass production is necessary since this guarantees that components fit well into each other.

 5.      Technical Assistance

 You will get technical assistance from a great team (should you require it). The team handling the Penn Optical Coating Photoreactor has been in the business of engineering and designing new coatings for over 30 years. This experience, as well as the production-friendly TF-Cal thin film software, means the team has learned from its mistakes and successes and is able to deliver quality coatings at the least time possible.

You can buy the photoreactor or have us do a custom or standard job for you. Note that other than the photoreactor, we also have other coating options available on request. Call us today on 267-923-8798 to save time and money on your optical coating job.