Quick Turn Thin Film Coating Solutions

optical coatings

Penn Optical Coatings combines precision surface engineering technologies with coating expertise to deposit thin films on multi functional materials of various applications. Penn Optical Coatings programs are manufactured in the USA using high quality engineering conditions and expertise to create an excellent range of programs. You might have come across Penn Optical Coatings products more than a couple of times if you work involves optical coatings.

When it comes to optical coatings, there is a great need for tailored solutions depending on the clients need. Penn Optical Coatings has an edge over competitors by offering a great range of specialization and customizations in the optical coatings for various applications. In order to make products better, Penn Optical Coatings goes the extra mile to make surfaces more wear resistant and to improve performance. All this is possible with quick turnaround from a few hundred components to production in the thousands every month.

Penn Optical Coatings is able to provide various durable, reliable and heat resistant optical coatings with desirable qualities depending on the application. Penn Optical Coatings manufactures a range of standard products along with innovative coatings made from collaborations with customers to meet specific requirements.

Specialized coating processes can be performed using various techniques such as

  • Reactive sputtering using short throw can deposit metals and metal oxides, nitrides and other mixed materials with graded compositions, ITO and semiconductor materials on the optical lens surface.
  • Low pressure chemical vapor deposition is configured to deposit multilayers of silicon dioxide, tantalum oxide and titanium oxide using a thermally driven organo-metallic process. This process creates a high quality and uniformly coated multilayer optical coating surface.
  • Evaporative coating uses advanced thin film designs that are deposited in precision cryo-pumped vacuum chambers. They use electron beam guns and resistant sources to create complex infrared coating.
  • Magnetic filtering eliminated macro particles to deposit super hard coatings like metal nitrides, carbides and oxides on various materials. This unique deposition technology results in coatings of high density, strong surface adhesion and smoothness. This manufacturing process creates materials suitable for machine tooling, medical tools and low friction coatings for gears and bearings.

These specialized coating processes meet the demand for quality in thin film coatings such as higher performance, increased volume and coating durability.

Other than manufacturing using the best specialized coating processes, Penn Optical Coatings has expertise in the entire product development process for full scale manufacturing. They use quality testing techniques to measure in-house product materials including process analysis and qualification testing.

If you are looking for high quality and specialized thin optical coatings, Penn Optical Coatings is the company to call. The client collaboration manufacturing process ensures that the products meet industry specific requirements for product function and quality. Penn Optical Coatings has years of success in the business and is registered with the US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls for the manufacture of defense articles in compliance with ITAR.