Reduces Redox Catalysis Reactions from Hours to Minutes

Photo Reactor Penn Optical Coatings is excited to announce the upcoming release of the Penn OC Photoreactor m1. This revolutionary addition to Photo-Redox chemistry is now available to Pre-Order through Penn Optical Coatings. The unique design standardizes reaction parameters such as time, light intensity, stirrate, and temperature, all of which can be input via the interactive touch screen on the front panel. The Penn OC Photoreactor m1 dramatically accelerates redox catalysis reaction times across the board.The Penn OC Photoreactor m1 was invented through a collaboration between the MacMillan Group at Princeton University and Merck & Co., Inc.


  • Penn OC Photoreactor m1 is a complete system with 450nm light source, stir bar driver, and active cooling.
  • Modular design allows for use with a variety of wavelengths
  • 360 degree reflective environment maximizes surface area photon capture.
  • Light shield interlock prevents user exposure to harmful light rays.
  • Custom packaging and wavelengths available¹.
  • Intuitive touch screen controls.
  • Intertek ETL, CE Mark, and CB Scheme completion in Q2 2017,






    Photoreactor m1 – Technical Specifications

    Light module options 365, 420, and 450nm
    Touch screen 3.5” TFT LCD; 320 x 480 resolution
    Variable stir bar control 100 – 2000 RPM
    Temperature monitoring K-Type Thermocouple
    Reactor vial holders 4, 8, 40 mL & gc

    Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

    Power input 100 to 240VAC @ 50/60Hz
    Enclosure Customized trade housings optional1
    Operating conditions 10 – 40C, 0% – 95% RH Non-condensing
    Weight TBD
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 11.4 x 27.2 x 27.9 cm; 4.5 x 10.7 x 11.0 in


    For pricing information and to place an order, contact