Spectral Capability: UV Visible Near IR Mid IR Long IR
Wavelength Range: 180-400nm 400-700nm 700-200nm 2-5 microns 5-14 microns
Established Coating Products
Broadband Anti-Reflection
Single wavelength V-Coat
Polarization Control Coatings -
Polarization Control Coatings -
Laser Coatings (High and Low
Power Applications
Metal Mirror Coatings (Gold,
Silver and Aluminum Base)
Conductive Coatings – ITO
Neutral Density Coatings
Bandpass Coatings
Notch Filters
Edge Filters (SWP and LWP)
Color Match Coatings
Subtractive and Additive Color
Dichroic Coatings
Specialty Coating Products
Anti-Static Coatings
Enhanced Durability Infra-Red
Multi-Spectral Infra-Red
Beamsplitters & Mirrors
Long Life’ Silver Mirrors
Process Technologies
Electron Beam Evaporation 8 Chambers
Ion-Assisted Deposition 4 Chambers
Quartz Xtal Thickness Control 5 Chambers
OMS and Quartz Xtal
Thickness Control
3 Chambers
High Vacuum Chambers 8 Chambers
Resistive Heating 2 Chambers