Specialty coatings are those coatings that, in addition to requiring some customization, may also require the introduction of novel concepts in the design, engineering or process control stages to achieve the desired performance. Specialty coatings come in all shapes and sizes – literally – from micro-optics of 1mm to windows and mirrors larger than 1meter. Penn Optical Coatings has the experience and process knowledge to engineer and manufacture a broad range of specialty coatings. Low temperature coatings for plastics or stress control – we can do that. Need an optical coating with electrically conductive properties – we do that too.

Micro Large Area Conductive Multi-Spectral Low Temperature Conformal
<1mm 800mm multilayer low resistivity high T% Vis plastics rods
lenses 1000mm mirrors < 10 Ω/□ AND PMMA, Acrylic barrels
windows high T% high R% LWIR CR-39 glass tubes
prisms index matched low stress
cubes multilayer