The key to success in Optical Coating is, in a word, Consistency. With so many process variables in action throughout every coating process, it’s no surprise that the manufacture of Optical Coatings is often referred to as a ‘Black Art’. In fact, producing Optical Coatings is an extremely exacting science, Standard Coatings demanding rigid process control and machine reliability to achieve the predictability and repeatability needed to produce quality thin film products again and again and again. At Penn Optical Coatings we pride ourselves in our ability to produce consistently high quality coating products.

Anti-reflection High Reflection Filter Neutral Density
UV-LWIR dielectric LWP – SWP ND0.3 – ND3.0
laser line metal UV-IR multi spectral
broad-band UV-LWIR red green blue UV-LWIR
multi-spectral multi laser line splitters/combiners
high fluence beam steering blocking OD2-OD4
high fluence hot cold mirrors