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Anti-Reflection Coatings

Proven reliability and quality in AR coating technology

The right coating partner works with you to meet your quality, timeline, and price point. Penn Optical Coatings is an expert in AR coatings and a proven partner to optical manufacturing leaders.

Ready to withstand extremes in temperature and humidity, our durable UV, Visible, IR and AR coatings improve the performance and lifetime of your application. We specialize in high mix, low, and high-volume optics, delivering consistently performing AR coatings at a fair price for your catalog runs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Standard Anti-Reflection Coatings

Laser line
High fluence

Custom Anti-Reflection Coatings

X–band AR
Weighted response

Anti-Reflection Coating Partner

Specializing in high mix, high quality AR coatings for catalog optics.

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Anti-Reflection Coatings for Custom and Catalog Optics

We offer extensive coating capabilities. Below is a sample of our standard coatings.

Coating Type

Coating Specification


Ravg ≤ 0.4%, 425-675nm, 0 – 15deg


Ravg ≤ 0.5%, 350-700nm, 0 – 15deg


R ≤ 0.25% at 532nm; R ≤ 0.25% at 1064nm; Ravg ≤ 1.0%, 500-1150nm, 0 – 15deg


R ≤ 1.5% at 550nm, 0 – 15deg (based on Bk7 type substrate)

AR-MF-(200nm – 2.5microns)

R ≤ 1.5% at design wavelength, 0 – 15deg (based on Bk7 type substrate)


Ravg ≤ 0.5%, 600-1050nm, 0 – 15deg


Ravg ≤ 0.7%, 750-1550nm; Rabs ≤ 1.5%, 750-800nm; Rabs ≤ 1.0%, 800-1550nm, 0 – 15deg


Rabs ≤ 0.25%, 1295-1325nm and 1535-1565nm; Ravg ≤ 0.25%, 1200-1600nm, 0 – 15deg


Rabs ≤ 1.0%, 250-425nm, Ravg ≤ 0.75%, 250-425nm, Ravg ≤ 0.5%, 370-420nm, 0 – 15deg


Rabs ≤ 1.0%, 350-450nm; Ravg ≤ 1.5%, 250-700nm, 0 – 15deg


Rabs ≤ 0.25% at 1064nm, 0 – 15deg


Rabs ≤ 0.25% at 532nm, 0 – 15deg AOI

AR-V (200nm-5microns)

Rabs ≤ 0.25% at design wavelength, 0 – 15deg


Ravg ≤ 1.0%, 400-1050nm, 0 – 15deg


Tavg ≥ 97.5%, 3.0-5.0microns, 0-15deg, both faces coated (IR materials including Si, Ge, Cleartran(ZnS), ZnSe, CaF2, Sapphire)

Formulas for Success

Our team of experts has developed a broad range of thin film coating capabilities to serve optical fabricators, manufacturers, and end users of optical components. We adhere to a comprehensive QMS system and robust process control for repeatable and reliable optical coating performance. We employ a variety of methods to monitor and measure spectral and optical performance. We leverage internal expertise and coating knowledge to meet you at every step in the process.