Optical Coating Capabilities

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Penn Optical Coatings has developed a broad range of thin film coating capabilities to serve optical fabricators, manufacturers and end users of optical components. We adhere to a comprehensive QMS system and robust process control for repeatable and reliable optical coating performance. We employ a variety of methods to monitor and measure spectral and optical performance. Penn Optical Coatings leverages its internal expertise and coating knowledge to meet you at every step in the process.

Optical Coating Process Technologies

Every optical coating or application is unique—just like the processes needed to create them.
Penn Optical Coatings offers extensive coating capabilities:

General Coating Capabilities
Dimensions (Diameter or Diagonal)

1-1000 mm


Fused Silica, all visible glass types, ceram glass (Zerodur), Color Filter Glass, Germanium, Silicon, Calcium Fluoride, Zinc Sulphide (Cleartran), Zinc Selenide, acrylics

Spectral Range

180 nm – 6 µm

Anti-Reflection Transmission

>99%, typical, both faces coated

Anti-Reflection R%, Single Wavelength


Anti-Reflection R%, Broadband

<0.4%, typical

High Reflecting


Laser Damage Threshold

up to 30 J/cm^2 at 1064 nm, 20 ns pulses if specified

Neutral Density


SWP, LWP Edge Filters

–250 nm – 6 µm (50% T cut-on wavelength)

Edge Filter Tolerance

+/- 1.5% (UV and Visible range)


>OD5, measured (UV and Visible range)




Ts, Tp <5% difference

Conductive Coats

<20 Ω/sq with T>90% (Visible range)

Number of Layers



MIL-PRF-13830B App B and App C, MIL-C-675C, MIL-C-48497A,

Our Pennsburg, PA Facility

Deposition Technologies

Electron-Beam Evaporation
Ion-Assisted Deposition
Plasma-Assisted Deposition
Thermal Evaporation


Agilent Cary Spectrophotometers
Shimadzu FTIR Spectrophotometer

Environmental Testing

Salt Spray
Salt Solution

Increased Durability of Silver Coatings

Silver optical coatings are a popular design choice for multi-spectral broadband applications, but their tendency to tarnish typically limits their lifetime or requires additional protective coatings. With Penn Optical Coatings’ new formulations, we are able to increase the lifetime of optical mirrors.

Extensive Tooling Library for Optical Coatings

Penn Optical Coatings has developed one of the largest tooling and fixturing libraries available, including proprietary flexible tooling to mount optics from 1 millimeter to 1 meter. This can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the cost of tooling for your optical coating run, and reduce turnaround time by weeks.

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