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Quick-Turn Thin Film Coating Solutions

Quick-Turn Thin Film Coating Solutions Penn Optical Coatings combines precision surface engineering technologies with coating expertise to deposit thin films on multifunctional materials of various

Penn Optical Coatings’ UV-IR Coatings

UV-IR Optical Coatings The most common types of anti-reflection optical coatings are the UV and IR coatings. These coatings are designed to reduce the reflection from surfaces.

High-Quality Beamsplitter Solutions

Penn Optical Coatings Offers High-Quality Beamsplitter Solutions Beamsplitters are used to split light beams into two separate beams with a designated ration. These optical components

Optical Coating Expertise

Our team is ready to help you develop the optical coating solution that best fits your application.

Casey Foraker

Coating Technician
9 years in Optical Coatings

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