Quick Turn Thin Film Coating Solutions
optical coatings

Penn Optical Coatings combines precision surface engineering technologies with coating expertise to deposit thin films on multi functional materials of various applications. Penn Optical Coatings programs are manufactured in the USA using high quality engineering conditions and expertise to create an excellent range of programs. You might have come across Penn Optical Coatings products more than a couple of times if you work involves optical coatings. When it comes to »»

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Penn Optical Offers High Quality Beam Splitter Solutions
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Beamsplitters are used to split light beams into two separate beams with a designated ration. These optical components can also be used to combine two beams into one. They are classified according to their construction as either cube or plate beamsplitters. A standard beam splitter is designed to split light a specified Reflection/Transmission ratio regardless of the polarization state. Beam splitters are often used with un-polarized light sources in cases where the polarizat »»

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Penn Optical UV-IR Optical Coatings

The most common types of anti-reflection optical coatings are the UV and IR coatings. These coatings are designed to reduce the reflection from surfaces. This is how it works; whenever a ray of light moves from one medium to the other, a portion of it is reflected from the surface. This reflection causes issues such as reduction in image sharpness. But coatings are designed to reduce this reflection. Coatings can also be used to enhance the potential of various optical »»

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